MCF News
The WOW ladies have decided to support our local community with a simple but effective method.  Each month WOW requests a certain item.  This month, WOW requests donations of laundry detergent.  Please put them on the table in the entryway.  Thank you!

PLEASE DON'T FORGET:   Mountain Community does not take a public offering. We expect our members and normal attendees to support the missions and ministry of Mountain Community Fellowship through the worshipful act of tithing. This is important for Mountain Community Fellowship to do what needs to be done with ministry, missions, building and etc.

THE SUMMIT - Our faith family believes that Sundays are the pinnacle of our week.  Join us for a new and creative intergenerational Bible study on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Our intergenerational Bible study is a vital and caring approach to include all ages in the life of the church and help to teach values and important lessons to our younger members in memorable ways while providing avenues for interaction and integration between all members of our faith family for sharing and conversation.