Community Group Questions
    Cross References:
    • Hebrews 11:5
    • Matthew 1:8
    • Psalms 90:10
    • 2 Peter 1:16 - 21
    • 2 Peter 2:1 - 3
    • Exodus 3:14 - 15
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1.  Genesis 6:9 has exactly ten words in Hebrew.  Some Rabbis and scholars believe that this number is significant.  Why would that be?

2.  Read Genesis 6:11-13 again.   The poetical parallelism is very strong in these verses.  Why?  What other books of the Old Testament are very poetical, besides the five books of poetry?  What is the great message of these other books?

3.  What is the point of the ark having specific measurements, besides the fact that they make for a very sturdy boat?

4.  Genesis 6:21 uses very similar words to another story in Genesis where people had to gather and store food.  Do you remember it?  (It's in Genesis 43:35)